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Stop self-sabotage by clearing your karma.

Karma is the result of your ongoing choices. It occurs when you make choices not in alignment with Divine Right Order. You see all choices (conscious or subconscious) have consequences. The key to not creating Karma is making choices in alignment with Divine Right Order.

So, what is Divine Right Order? It is source will; unconditional love, cooperation, the law of one and the law of cause and effect (free will). Every time you make a choice against Divine Right Order you create Karmic imprints. These are twisted energy patterns (known as MIASMS) that reside in Your Energetic Body and basically, they run your energy in reverse.

The dilemma with karma is – you inherit the Karmic issues from your parents and past generations (It is not created in just this lifetime – it is created throughout every lifetime) such as:

  • Money issues – lack, limitation, poverty consciousness, vows of poverty.
  • Self-esteem issues – unworthiness, unreservedness, I’m not good enough, guilt, shame.
  • Physical disease.

You are unconsciously creating new Karma. The problem is you don’t know how Karma works and you don’t know how to clear it.

Karmic Imprint Symptoms

  • You’ve said things spontaneously that have ruined your relationship for life with someone and afterwards you thought “Where did that come from?”

  • Your relationships are dysfunctional.

  • You’re sensitive to the energies of others and these people often drain your energy.

  • You feel internally conflicted most of the time.

  • You feel like you are not working in line with your soul’s mission.

  • It seems like everything is just too much effort and a struggle and you can’t seem to break through certain income barriers.

You have Karmic imprints if any of these statements resonate with you.

The good news is all Karmic imprints are energy and can be cleared to end the self-sabotage and begin to live the life you truly desire.

There are two ways you can do this


The slow and difficult way is by walking your Karma.

When you take this path you allow the Karmic imprints to repeatedly manifest in your personal life until you finally use your free will choice in a different way and make choices that align with Divine Right Order. Unfortunately, this rarely happens and you often stay in a Karmic loop from one lifetime to another.


The fast and easy way by realising that Your Karmic Imprints are energy forms.

Quantum physics has demonstrated that all energy forms they can be transmuted with energy. An Advanced Recursive Karmic Clearing uses specific advanced codes to clear the Karmic imprints so you can exit the Karmic loop and cease creating drama and stress in your life!

What I can do for you

The Advanced Recursive Karmic clearing

  • Learn the truth about Karma.

  • How you create Karmic imprints.

  • Clear all the 3D Inherited Karmic imprints recursively.

  • Clear past life and simultaneous incarnation Karmic imprints recursively.

  • Clear current life created Karmic imprints recursively.

  • Clear discordant conscious or unconscious choices not in line with DRO.

  • Update your soul from the Universal App Store.

What an Advanced Recursive Karmic Clearing will do for you

  • Clear all Karmic imprints recursively.

  • Including imprints related to low self-esteem, unworthiness, undeservedness and guilt,

  • poverty consciousnessthat limit your ability to make money,

  • making you sick, tired and fat,

  • and preventing you from having loving relationships.

  • Clears ALL Family Karma from 14 past generations recursively

  • Clears ALL Karma from past, present and the FUTURE so you don’t create any new karma

  • Bio-regenerates the Original Organic Blueprint for perfect health

An Advanced Recursive Karmic Clearing is the key for you to finally exit the Karmic loop and manifest the relationships, health, career and success you truly desire.

Total Value of Transformation

  • Complete Karmic Clearing of all 3D inherited, past life, simultaneous and current Karmic imprints
    Total Value =$997
  • Installation and activation of the most powerful Advanced Recursive Karmic Clearing code
    Total Value =$1497
  • Complete download of new codes, new templates and new soul programming
    Total Value =Priceless
  • Advanced Recursive Karmic Clearing
    Total Value =$2494

Total tuition for only 12 people = $297 (88% discount)

So now you get to decide - do you want to stay stuck in the Karmic loop of dysfunctional relationships, co-dependency, lack, limitation or free yourself and create the relationships, health and money you desire without drama and stress.

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Disclaimer: This modality does not replace medical diagnosis and treatment. Energy practitioners do not diagnose medical conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

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